Become An Integrated Digital Marketing Guru

Acquire the Skills to become a highly sought after Digital Marketing Guru - Earn N120,000 to N250,000 monthly. This training is a 100% Hands on PRACTICAL training.

You will learn from people who WORK in the industry with 5+ Years of Experience. You would be exposed to live examples of Top Notch Proven Marketing Strategies.



DATE: APRIL 15 2016 To APRIL 17 2016


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Campaign Planning

You will learn how to Plan, Create and Manage a Winning Digital Marketing Campaign that maximises ROI. Campaign planning is the act of putting together a strategy for your marketing activity.

Web Analytics Using Google Analytics

This course will give you an overview of the key ideas and web analytics processes. You would learn how to add Google Analytics to your website and how to use it to track your digital marketing campaigns. The knowledge that you can use to improve the ROI of your web marketing.


You'll see how to can use web analytics to encourage more visitors to flow through your web pages and convert them into enquiries, leads and sales.

Keyword Research

You will learn how to find and use effective keywords for every area of online advertising and digital marketing. Keyword Research affects every area of online, Internet based marketing efforts. Whether paid search advertising, social media, website or search engine marketing, keyword research impacts every business' bottom line.

At the end of this course, you would be fully equipped with the knowledge base for performing highly effective keyword research, where to use them and how to do it again.

Social Media Advertising

SOCIAL MEDIA such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn has grown significantly in the last years. There are over 5 Million daily active Facebook users in Nigeria.


This training shares secrets on creating  highly targeted and effective social media adverts that generates huge ROI.

Email Marketing

Compared to just about every other form of digital marketing Email is still the most cost effective. It can form the bedrock of your communications strategy and 'join the dots' between your other online activities. It is quick, easy to implement, inexpensive and reliable.


You'll discover how to form your strategies, set realistic targets and design engaging email content that gets delivered, opened, read and acted upon.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You would discover practical ways to make sure your site ranks highly for the key phrases your potential customers are typing into the search engines. You'll learn essential information for SEO such as page rank, link building, white hat techniques, indexing and many others.


Understand how a proper on-site and off- site optimization will create long-term value for your site.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

This course will cover all the strategy aspect related to Pay Per Click advertising.


You will end up understanding how to define the right keywords for your campaigns, write the winning advert and use all the techniques to lower your price and increase ROI.

How to setup Winning Social Media Competitions

You would learn how to create viral social media contests and competitions that adds to the bottom line.

Retargeting And Remarketing.

You would learn how to use remarketing and retargeting strategies to make your adverts follow your prospects all over websites on the internet and social media.