4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Facebook Post Reach Organically. Make All Your Fans to See All Your Facebook Post Organically

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It is no news that Facebook has radically reduced the reach of Facebook posts.. Pages with large fan bases are the ones that are hit the most. Studies have show that for pages with 100,000 fans and above, only 7% of the fans get to see a page post organically.

Basically Facebook just made spending resources acquiring fans a not so profitable anymore. To get Facebook posts to get to most of your fans, Facebook now requires that you boost them, i.e pay Facebook to advertises such posts.

Right now, the only thing good about have a huge page fan base is the bragging rights it brings, i.e. “My Fan base is bigger than yours“. Which is just  a vanity metrix from my point of view.

Instead of paying to boost random post it is better to create compelling posts about your products and services and advertise those instead.

This change in algorithm to reduce the reach of page posts  resulted a huge backlash from big brands who had spent so much to grow their fan base. This resulted into a compromise by Facebook. This lead to Facebook creating the Follow Button and the Get Notification button also known as the subscription button. However, there was a catch.


What Is a Facebook Follow Button.

As I mentioned earlier, as a compromise, Facebook created the follow button. The Follow button lets people subscribe to the public updates of others on Facebook. When a person follows a page on  Facebook or subscribes to the page, the person gets a notification anytime the page makes a post. As a Facebook page, to increase the organic reach of your posts, you’ll  need to ensure that all your fans also follow you as well subscribe to your page by clicking on Get Notifications.  However, there was a catch, unlike the Become a fan Button, the Follow Button is hidden.

At the moment less than 90% of Facebook users actually know that that such button exists.

Another good thing about the Follow Button is that when someone follows a Facebook page, the  person automatically becomes a Fan of that page.


So order to be able to get your post to most of your Facebook fans organically (And not just a measly 7% ), you need to make them follow the page by clicking on the Facebook Follow Button or on Get Notifications via the page.

I have put together below 4 easy ways to make your fans follow you and get notified anytime you make a post.


  1. Create A Post And Make Feature It on Your Facebook Page (Make It Sticky)

Create a post on your Facebook page about the need to click on the Follow Button and Get Notifications button if they would like to be notified on Facebook anytime there is a new post and not miss out. Make this post featured on your page. This way the post would remain at the top of all post on the page and it will be the first people see when they come to your page.
The image below show an example have a page has implemented this.

Make A facebook post asking your fans to subscribe to you and make it sticky


2. Send an email to your subscribers

Send emails to your subscribers telling them about the need to click on the Follow Button and Get Notifications button if they would like to be notified on Facebook anytime there is a new post and not miss out.


3. Add a Follow Box Instead of a Fan Box To Your Website.

Instead of adding a Facebook Fan button or Fan box to your page like every other person, add a Follow Button instead. Susan Rosie created a beautiful post on how to create and add Facebook Follow Button to websites.  This can the implemented as a pop us or a widget. Alternatively you could use this wordpress plugin.


 4. Create and Run a Facebook Follow Contest

If you already have a huge Facebook fan page, you can simply run a Facebook contest for them to follow/subscribe to you on Facebook.

The first step in getting more Fans and Followers using incentives is to choose motivational prizes that will resonate with your market. Generally speaking, the better your offer, the more takers you’ll get.

Your offer needs to be:

  • one that your Fans can’t refuse.
  • in keeping with the “ask” you want to achieve.
  • related to your business, product or service.


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