Possible And Affordable Solutions

Rapid Growth from 1 Showroom to 5 Showrooms In 6 months.

Cliqedge Limited Possible And Affordable Solutions Case Study

Possible and Affordable Furnishing Solutions is a indigenous company that designs, produces and sell FURNITURE of all kinds at affordable prices; home, office, hotel, boutique, interior solutions/decorations.

Their goal is to enable all Nigerians live in luxury for less.

Possible And Affordable Integrated Digital Marketing Case Study 1
Acquired over 137,151 unique visitors generating over 5m Naira average monthly sales
Possible And Affordable Digital Marketing Case Study 3
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Click was reduced by 50%
Possible And Affordable Digital Marketing Case Study 2
Rapid Growth From 1 to 5 new Showrooms across Nigeria in 6 Months


Possible and Affordable furnishing solutions needed to leverage on it's initial success on Lagos to expand and reach out to all Nigerians in other parts of the country about the unique selling proposition: Helping Nigerians live in luxury for less.

"I want everybody in Nigeria to know about Possible and Affordable Furbishing Solutions and buy from us"

~ Paul Akinola, CEO Possible And Affordable Furnishing Solutions.


A integrated digital marketing strategy digital that  combines and maximizes the strengths of various digital marketing channels: This include detailed Keyword Research and Analysis, email marketing, social media advertising, contextual pay per click advertising,  tightly themed Google Adwords Search Campaign e.t.c. Retargeting and remarketing was also done to retarget users who opened email campaigns or visited the website to increase brand awareness as well as remind potential customers of their former desire to make a purchase and possibly steer them back. 


We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 3.12%, which generated a number of new online and offline sales. In the campaign’s inaugural month of activity the Cost Per Click (CPA) was reduced by 50%.  We generated an average monthly revenue of over 5m Naira.  Leading to a rapid growth from 1 to 5 new showrooms across Nigeria within of 6 months.

3.12% CTR

50% less CPC

Rapid Growth: 4 New Showrooms in 6 Months.

From The Client

“I have been working with this guys for a few months and I would recommend them without hesitation. Their client support has been outstanding and they have exceeded all of my expectations. I have worked with many advertising agencies but none of them can compare to them.”

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