5 Reasons Why High Growth Companies Are Doing BBM Advertising and Why You Should

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As soon as Blackberry Messenger opened its doors to Android, Apple and Windows users, a new marketplace emerged from seemingly nowhere. BBM was at first just popular with those who wanted a high-quality voice messenger device because that feature is what made Blackberry Messenger special across multiple platforms. The sound quality was (and still is) superb. Video calls are a bit trickier as they are still reserved only for Blackberry users.

Still, Blackberry Messenger generated a lot of hype, and soon after, new discoveries were made by its new users. Blackberry has not only created a great messaging and organizational tool, but also a social network previously only reserved for Blackberry users.

Now that the gates were open, new opportunities emerged for everyone to promote themselves on this platform, but those opportunities have their upsides and downsides. On the upside, new territory is always good to explore first hand; but on the other side, having to do the groundwork to make this new marketplace inhabitable can be quite tedious.

We’ve listed the reasons why top growth companies and Nigeria are utilizing Blackberry Messenger advertising so you, as the investor in advertisement campaigns, can make an informed decision about whether or not you’re willing to become one of the pioneers of this new area.


1. Be the first and assess your territory

This may sound like it was taken from the military vocabulary, and in part it is. Getting territory is one of the decisive factors in every struggle for domination; advertising is no exception. It’s a battlefield out there with websites battling for every shred of traffic they can get and companies bidding for every keyword that may drive that traffic towards their brand.

Having a clear starting point in a new marketplace is essential but there’s little change happening in terms of new and exciting social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Even Google couldn’t establish Google+ as a major player in the field of social networks, but Blackberry Messenger coupled with Blackberry advertising and its captivating channel concept of a social network is getting a lot of momentum as time passes by. It could easily be the next big thing, and thus would be a shame if you’re not among the first to establish a dominant stance in its marketplace.

With Blackberry advertising, you’ll have an unfair advantage over your competition.


2. BBM Advertising lets you be active in the community you’re trying to target

By creating a promoted channel on Blackberry Messenger via Blackberry Advertising, you’re not only getting people in touch with your brand but also can be an active part of that community. Blackberry suggests using the 400 character cap of the messages you’re able to leave in your channel not just as a way of getting your brand across, but also to promote your company’s business philosophy.


3. You can engage your audience directly

Blackberry Messenger lets you have a one-to-one conversation with your customers. While this may also be true for other social networks, with Blackberry Messenger it just feels much more personal. The interface and tone of BBM is just perfectly suited for having a professional, yet personal, engagement towards your customers.


4. Your Blackberry Messenger adverts (BBM Adverts) won’t come across as spam

Blackberry made it perfectly clear that they don’t want to get into anyone’s face with the adverts on their social network, and they’re sticking with this policy. Personal chats are an ad-free zone and BBM ads are really bound only to specific channels in accordance to the interests of that particular channel; as well as to news feeds in general.


5. You’ll Get Access to High Net Worth Nigerians

Before Blackberry Messenger opened its doors to Android, Apple and Windows users  BBM was known to be the social network  of the elites. There are currently over 5 Million monthly active BBM users in Nigeria. Research has shown that 28% of BBM users in Nigeria earn over N200,000 monthly. With BBM advertising you’ll have direct access to this categories of people. The is the main reason why top brands in Nigeria are doing Blackberry Messenger like never before.


In an ideal world, you would have a budget big enough to spend across all the aforementioned social network sites but, unfortunately, we don’t live in that world and you have to make a decision with the budget you have. We hope that these few tips will help you make an informed decision.


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