10 Hot Tips for Your Blackberry Messenger Advertising Campaigns

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The Blackberry Messenger app has become a big player since 2013, when it became available to Android, Apple and Windows Phone users. Many great advantages of BBM have been used by these operating systems now, including voice calls and its social network channels. Opening up to new operating systems resulted in new forms of communicating and advertising across the board. This is one of the reasons why high growth companies are now doing BBM Advertising.

No longer is Blackberry Messenger a closed medium for only those who use Blackberry devices; it is now a legitimate and widely-adopted way of staying in touch with all of your contacts.

Of course, this drastic change in the number of new costumers has not been without impact in the world of advertising. Like any other social media platform, Blackberry Messenger can be utilized as a great tool for getting your brand or company to a new audience.

However, this is easier said than done; that’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to get started and what to look for when starting your own BBM advertising campaign.


1. Become familiar with BBM

This probably goes without saying but in order to efficiently use a platform like BBM for Blackberry messenger advertising, you need to understand first how it works. Thankfully, you can become active right away by downloading the Blackberry messenger app from your app-store and becoming familiar with its features.


2. Get your contacts to try it out

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable with the use of Blackberry Messenger and its social media features, it’s time to create a BBM contact list. However, this could be hard if none of your friends or contacts have the same motivation to use it as you do. The key is to have a starting point and to figure out how you can create a community on this platform in order to apply it to your blackberry advertising campaign.


3. Learn about your audience

Like any other platform for advertisement, you need to consider what Blackberry Messaging system’s core audience is. You may already know the target audience for your product, brand or company, but now you have to find them on Blackberry Messenger channels and consider ways of engaging with their interests on this platform.


4. Blackberry Messenger  Advertising – Plan your ad campaign ahead

Paying for an online advertising campaign anywhere is the easiest part of any online advertising and digital marketing. Any outlet will, more often than not, be very eager to get paid, regardless of what exactly your campaign entails. Having a good blackberry messenger advertising strategy before you start a advertising campaign will reduce the probability of having to change it once it’s started. Hire a team of designers if you need to, or other kinds of advertising specialists in order to plan out your campaign before paying for its placement. Planning from the beginning reduces the likelihood of mistakes in the future!

At Cliqedge Limited, we know everything about planing and executing Blackberry Messenger Advertising.


5. Blackberry Messenger Advertising – Get a head start

Blackberry Messenger is a great new platform that is, by all accounts, generating big momentum in terms of audience numbers and its wide range of users. If you already have a successful advertising campaign running on other platforms, it would be wise to modify it to the needs of BBM to be able to start right away. Sometimes the key to success is just in showing up first!


6. Choose your Blackberry Messenger Advertising type according to the preferences of your target audience

This tip may sound daunting but it’s actually very straightforward thinking. Blackberry Messenger advertising offers a variety of BBM ad formats to choose from. The thing with all of them is that they may appeal to different costumers in different ways; sponsored posts that appear in the user’s social feed may be appealing to one type of audiences, whilst another type might find it too aggressive. Featured placements may be high-profile in terms of visibility but can go under the radar of long-time BBM users who are used to just passing it by. Getting familiar with the types of advertisement that BBM advertising offers is essential to understanding what to offer to your audience.


7. Blackberry Messenger Advertising – Be persistent in your campaign

Many of us want to see results as quickly as possible, regardless of what we’re doing; this is no different with multi-platform advertising. As soon as we start a campaign, we also subconsciously start a mental countdown as to when we expect to see results. Advertisement is a slow burner, but once it catches on in the modern social media advertisement space, one single campaign can keep you warm for a long time.


8. Blackberry Messenger Advertising – Mix it up if necessary

It may seem like we’re contradicting ourselves here but sometimes campaigns just don’t work. When that happens, it’s advisable to change a portion or even the entirety of your campaign. Yes – in the previous tip we asked you to be patient, but sometimes circumstances change and you just have to adjust your approach.


9. Learn from (un)successful advertisement campaigns

Learning from your own mistakes is the way to go; it makes us better in every aspect of life. But learning from the mistakes of others is just so much more enjoyable! Having an understanding of what made certain campaigns on BBM successful and not successful can lead to new tactics you might not have considered before. So, research campaigns of similar products and see what they did right in order to learn about how to engage your audience.


10. Blackberry Messenger Advertising  – Use channels

BBM channels work in the same way as another online group or forum; they’re a place to meet other people with your interests. A channel specific to the product you’re advertising is a great place to begin, but be careful – as we said before; knowing how and why some groups may react to your advert is the key to everything, including channels. Nobody likes spammers, and you certainly don’t want your product to be associated with pushy, non-professional advertising.


BBM advertising depends on you knowing the platform and its audience, as does all online advertising. Plan your campaign carefully with our tips and you’ll be growing your customer base in no time!


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