It is no news that Facebook has radically reduced the reach of Facebook posts.. Pages with large fan bases are the ones that are hit the most. Studies have show that for pages with 100,000 fans and above, only 7% of the fans get to see a page post organically. Basically Facebook just made spending […]

The Blackberry Messenger app has become a big player since 2013, when it became available to Android, Apple and Windows Phone users. Many great advantages of BBM have been used by these operating systems now, including voice calls and its social network channels. Opening up to new operating systems resulted in new forms of communicating […]

As soon as Blackberry Messenger opened its doors to Android, Apple and Windows users, a new marketplace emerged from seemingly nowhere. BBM was at first just popular with those who wanted a high-quality voice messenger device because that feature is what made Blackberry Messenger special across multiple platforms. The sound quality was (and still is) […]

Instagram is one of the most powerful social marketing tools a small business can embrace. In fact, a recent study has shown that the number of Instagram users is larger than the ones on Twitter, which has added an extra point on reliability while creating a tremendous leverage of marketing your brand on Instagram. The […]

Do you know that according to the latest NCC report, there are over 5million active Nigerians online every day? Do you know that sold goods worth a record breaking N600 million in just 2 days during the November 2014 Yakata sales. The internet has brought a huge amount of potential for companies of all […]

It is a common knowledge that email marketing is king and that email marketing is the most effective means of reaching out to buyers and prospects. Studies have shown that if a visitor remains idle for  about 5 minutes on a page, there’s a big chance you will lose them as a customer. As a […]

Imagine this scenario. You have spent so much time, effort  and money on Facebook and Google adverts to get people to visit website, then the next thing you know, they  are gone: without making any purchase or conversions. You are not alone. According to Baymard Institute, an average of 67.89% of shopping carts are abandoned by online […]